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     Did you know that your home internet has WiFi data limitations? Not many people know this, but after you use a specific amount of data (like cell phones), one of two things will happen, depending on the company that you are with. 

  1. You will get charged per gigabyte of data that you go over. I know that Comcast gives a two month free grace period.
  2. Your internet speeds will slow down until the next pay period is rolled over.

     Few companies will offer an alternative. They will charge you a set amount for unlimited data usage. What does this mean? It means that you will pay a set ‘x’ amount and you will be allowed to go over your limit as much as you want. In this blog, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We will also bring up a few points on why you may go over your limit.

Charging More Money

     Spending even more money on internet sounds crazy right? Well, I think it is! We’re already paying ‘x’ amounts per month, and they don’t tell you what your limit is when you sign up. Staying positive here, I like to think this is because most people don’t go over the set amount of data.

What causes you to go over your limit?

     Streaming videos seems to be one of the big causes of this. I’m not talking about just watching Netflix all day. If you have a good sized family that’s all about technology then this could be you. Let me give you a good example of my family. 

     My family are definitely homebodies. We have multiple people in our household that are constantly connected to the internet. My wife and I run Netflix while we are doing other things. Such as gaming on mobile devices, or playing video games on the computer nearby. My daughter is either playing Minecraft, or watching YouTube videos about Minecraft. Otherwise she’s watching Netflix as well on her cell phone. My son, whom is two years old by the way, watches YouTube Kids if we aren’t playing with him. Then we have the grandparent with us, he’s also plugged in. Either playing video games or streaming military TV shows. 

  1. One flat rate fee is being charged
  2. Speed is not effected
  3. Connect multiple devices without the worry
  1. Spending more money (obviously right?)
  2. You may not reach the limitation amount

Decrease in speeds

     No one likes when their speeds start to slow down. Especially us gamers. Believe it or not though, there are still people out there that are perfectly happy with their dial-up. In most households slower speeds means more frustration. It seems that internet has become a way of life, an actual utility versus being just an option. 

     If our speeds decreased in my household, my two year old becomes unbearable to live with. Do NOT cause his YouTube Kids to buffer. He will absolutely freak out. As adults, we aren’t any better. We get upset when Netflix has to buffer or if we lag playing an online game. Lag is the difference between life and death when you play FPS games. 

  1. Not having to pay the extra fee
  2. You can watch your kids suffer (muahahaha)
  3. It gives you an excuse to get off the electronic devices
  1. Online game play takes a hit with latency
  2. Downloading things take much longer
  3. You may see that when streaming videos there’s a buffer


     When it comes down to it, it really depends on the type of family that you belong to. Are you someone who just browses social media? Are you a single person that games? If so, then you really won’t need to worry about adding your extra hard earned cash to expand your WiFi data cap.

     It could be the opposite. Do you belong to a bigger family that consistently uses internet? Do you have a few people that are streaming constantly from Hulu, Netflix, YouTube or any other source for watching movies and shows? If this is your family then you may need to take this into consideration.

     What are your thoughts? Do you prefer one over the other? Here’s a good question, did you even KNOW that this was an option? Comment below, and feel free to share with others if you think they may need to know about these options!

“Is your name WiFi? Cause I’m feeling a connection” – Unknown

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