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Game Review – The Technomancer

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     First official game review. I hope everyone has been waiting for this! I know I sure have. Lately I’ve been streaming several video games to do a review on, and this is the first one that has really popped out for me. Get this though, I don’t normally play Action RPG’s. I must say, what a pleasant surprise. Let’s talk about the likes and the dislikes. Care to join me?

The Story

     There are Martians (People that live on Mars, not aliens), and Earthers. Most of the people that live on Mars, are born there. Thus the terminology that is used, Martians. On the planet Mars, there are limited, precious resources. One of those resources is water.

     Since water is such a precious commodity, people are willing to kill for it. On top of that, There are certain military members that are wanting to learn and know about the Technomancers.  The Technomancers are trying to contact the Earthers. Then there’s the dangerous part about the planet, the Sun. 

     If anyone touches the Suns rays, they become a mutant. This is due to radiation of said rays. When a person becomes a mutant, they obtain an absurd amount of strength and are deformed. Other than mutants, you have the rebels. These rebels have a goal to fight against the military. They no longer wanted to be the lower class that gets abused, and a low amount of resources. 

     There are many more details of the game such as factions, timelines, bestiary and characters. But I’d rather stick to the more interesting parts of the game, the parts that most people are interested in before they make a decision to play. Let’s get into the meatiness of what you want to know.


     Classes, jobs, whatever you want to call them. These are what makes you who you are. You can be one, two, or all of them. In my option though, you should just keep to one for a while then branch off.  I only suggest this because you can upgrade them as you level up and there are a lot of skills to choose from. In other words, don’t spread yourself too thin. 


     Mage-Type class that focuses on electrical currents. But to use these currents you need to expend what’s called Fluid Charges. Fluid charges are basically MP (Magic Points). There is a difference though. You don’t have ‘x points’ to cast ‘x spell’. It’s just one charge for one current. 


     Defense-Type class that focuses on blocking and parrying. This is similar to your Tank that you see in other games. Although they focus mainly on defense and blocking, this one adds the parrying skill to focus on as well. It’s all about resistance and dodging with this class. Doesn’t mean you’ll have problems taking down enemies though.


     Attack-Type class that focuses on quick and powerful strikes. A bonus feature is that this class is used as great crowd control. You may prefer this class compared to others as there are a lot of group-based fights in this game. Another great feature of this class is that it gives disruption abilities. Disruption means it can stop another enemy in the midst of performing an attack. 


     Speed-Type class that most quickly and poisons it’s opponents. Damage over time (DoT) is great when you want to roll in, attack, and dip out between each enemy. As with poison on other games, one opponent slowly takes damage while you can focus on another. 

Combat Styles

     This is where you choose how you want to fight. A little self-explanatory I know. Each style has a very unique way of fighting. These styles depend on what you can equip, and how you can upgrade them. Unlike the tip from the CLASSES section, you can spread yourself across all of them if you want. The only downside is that you’ll go through crafting items quickly. 


     Fast Weapon-Type that helps with quick moments between opponents in a single group. On top of that, you get a little extra distance between you and the enemy that you don’t get with the other physical combat styles. 

Blade/Mace and Gun

     Quick/Distance Weapon-Type that you can get close and personal with one enemy while shooting others at a distance. Ever heard of bringing a knife to a gun fight? It’s preferred when you are close enough. Otherwise you want to be able to hit them at a distance. 

Blade/Mace and Shield

     Quick/Slow Weapon-Type damage with some protection if you need it. Depending on the enemy before you, you may need to be quick, deal more damage, or just keep the enemy from damaging you. This can be used for those that like to be a jack of all trades and may have trouble dodging manually.

Skill Trees

     Unlike a lot of other games that have one skill tree that branches out in different directions, this one has three trees that still branch out. This really brings variety and modification to a character that other games don’t give you. Let’s go over each tree type. 


Strength – Improves power aka damage with hand-to-hand attacks, which goes with the warrior class. Bonus is that it helps give you the ability to equip strong armor and weapons. 

Agility – This increases chances of critical or secondary hits, which is better if you’re playing as the rogue class. Bonus stats are crits with weapons, spells, and increases the chance of poison, knocking down an enemy, and electrocution. 

Power – Power, not to be confused with strength, gives you those fluid charges and amplifies the spells you need for the technomancer class. Bonuses on energy re-gen, and the techno spells that you’ll be casting. 

Constitution – Here you’ll receive increases resistance to physical damage and gives you bonuses of health, resistance to disruption, and increases your load (weight for carrying items). Best if you’re going to be using the guardian class. 


Science – Increases life re-gen and gives you the ability to use science-based actions and dialog when going through the main story and side quests.

Stealth – Let’s you steal items from people or break into things as long as you’re in this mode. Hint: it’s pretty much just crouching. Not to mention, you can do silent attacks on enemies from behind. 

Traps/Lockpicking – This talent allows you to set your traps quicker, which helps when you’re fighting a lot of enemies as once. Obviously, it let’s you pick locks based on the level you’ve opened up.

Charisma – A lot of people will remember this from games such as Mass Effect or Fable. This increases your chance in conversation with NPC’s when you’re allowed to try to obtain extra information. Bonus is that it helps gives discounts when you to go purchase items. Once you unlock a certain ally, this will also give you a bonus to your relationship with them. 

Exploration – This increases your chance of receiving loot from an enemy. As you increase it’s level you can get more items. 

Crafting – This talent has a few different features. The first giving you the ability to add features to your equipment. Secondly, there are dialog options similar to the science and charisma talents. Lastly, you can dissemble your equipment without the need of a workbench. Incredibly useful if you haven’t leveled up your constitution attribute. 


Technomancer – These skills allow you to modify your electrical abilities. Such as adding electricity to your weapons, or gives you the ability to summon a protective field of armor. There are also other skills as electrical storm, which is good for crowd control, and overload that increases your overall electrical damage. 

Guardian – Here is where you can increase your attack speed with a mace and reduce enemies armor. Also gives bonuses to resistance and blocking. 

Warrior – Basically it’s disruption of enemy abilities, bonuses to knock backs, and crowd control. Not to mention increasing your damage. 

Rogue – Last but not least, this tree allows your rogue to attack faster, increases poison duration, and gives bonuses to dodging and critical attacks. 


     Crafting on this game isn’t that advanced, but it sure is useful. Easy to dive into and get your character on track fast. You get craft items a few different ways. Those ways are: 

  • Dissembling gear
  • Looting from enemies
  • Obtained from crates, boxes, and what-nots  

     With this items you can give bonuses to your equipment that will help you perform better in battle. Here are the options to choose from when wanting to upgrade your gear:

  • Critical Hit
  • Physical Damage Increase
  • Physical Damage Reduction
  • Increased chances of Disruption
  • Physical Resistance
  • Disruption Resistance

     There’s more! You would think this would be all you can do right? Wrong! The last benefit of crafting is that you can create usable items. I don’t use this one as much because if you loot from enemies (like every single one), you’ll get tons of usable items. But, in case you might want to create some here they are:

  • Health Injection
  • Focus (Fluid) Injections
  • Exploding Traps

My Thoughts 

     This game was a pleasant surprise. It was under the radar, and not a game that I heard about. I only bought it on steam because of the sale that they had with it, and I thought, well one day I may play this game. Well, you guessed it, that day finally came and I enjoyed the heck out of it. 

     For a semi-older game the price still holds pretty good. If you’re into action-rpgs then definitely grab it. It’s worth the money when it’s not on sale (As of this writing the full price is $30 US). If you can snag it on sale, then even better. I haven’t finished it yet, but there have only been a few issues that I’ve had so far.

     The issues so far have been minor. Climbing up or dropping down tends to have a mini-clip of your character walking forward and stopping before you can regain control. I have also lost the ability to finish a side quest due to getting too far in the story line. Think you’ll give it a try? Have you played it already? Let me know what you think below! What class do you play?

If you think this is a game that you would like to play, feel free to grab it here.

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Comments (2)

  • Jaron Lott
    February 11, 2019 at 11:29 am Reply
    How did you focus with your character, and what were the things you liked/hated about the way you did it?
    • February 11, 2019 at 2:56 pm Reply
      Hey Jaron! First of all, thanks for the questions! I went out on a limb and tried something differently than I normally do when I play RPG-Type games. Usually I'm a tank of some sort. This time I decided to go Mage. My setup is a Technomancer using the Staff weapon. I fully upgrade technomancy before I decided to level up my staff-based skills. So far I'm loving it, and I don't think I'd change the way I play. It gives me the perfect close up to distance ratio and I can switch back and forth super quickly. At the same time I still have plenty of crowd control. I haven't found any dislikes so far. I'm enjoying it 100% with no regrets as of yet.

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