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Game Night Suggestions: Teen – Adult

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             Toad and Tricycle, Logan UT

     Ever have a night where you want to get together with friends or family and just want to play board or games? I’m sure you have! But let me guess, the problem is that you can never decide which one’s to play, or at the very least, which new one to buy? Well, you’re in luck! Here are some suggestions of popular board and card games. This list is built based off of the most common  games we have seen people play in the last few years. Enjoy!

Settlers of Catan

  •      Average Time (Base Game) – 60 Minutes
  •      Players – 3 to 4
  •      Ages – 10+
  •      Price – Catan(I am affiliate so I will get a kickback at no cost to you)

     Let’s start with one of the more popular board games. If you haven’t heard of this one, then you’ve been under a rock. Per Amazon, it received four and a half star rating with a little over 1.8k reviews. That’s hard to beat! There are four expansions that add on to this. Plus one card set extension. Excited to hear more? Of course you are!

     There are a lot of rules to go by, so here is the gist of the game. You mix and deal the resource and number tiles onto the playing field, and then you take turns rolling the dice. Once rolled, any player can receive resources from where their cities lay on the field connected to that specified numbered tile. The player that rolled can then use those resources to trade for others, or build upon their territory. But be careful! If a player rolls a seven, they can move the robber to block other players from claiming the resources that they are connected to.  

     If that’s not enough, they even have a website with more going on, check it out at The way to win is to obtain ten victory points. How do you obtain those points? Well, I’m glad you asked! You get points by a combination of the following ways:

  • Settlements = 1VP
  • Single VP Development Cards = 1VP
  • Cities = 2VP
  • Longest Road = 2VP
  • Largest Army = 2VP

If you’re wanting to watch a video on the rules of the game. May I suggest this video


  •      Average Time (Base Game) – 30 Minutes
  •      Players – 2 to 4 
  •      Ages – 13+
  •      Price – Dominion

     Did you think Settlers of Catan was a big game? Wait until you read about this one! This has several different viable expansions. Although, there’s no specific order that you need to purchase them in. Everyone has a different opinion on the order really. The cool thing about most of these expansions, is that they bring big updates to the core game. Then there are few smaller expansions that just reintroduces some of the previous mechanics from the other games. These smaller expansions are primarily card-based. If you’re interested in seeing the expansions then wait no more! Clickhere.

     Unlike a lot of board games, this is more card-based than moving objects, or rolling dice on the board. If you’ve played Magic the Gathering, then this will seem a little familiar. Cards can be used to stop players from attacking you or causing issues, attack other players, purchase additional cards, or curse another player.

There are three phases that each player takes.

  • Action
  • Buy
  • Clean up

     During the action phase, you can play any ability card in your hand. After that, if you have coin cards, you can then purchase one card that’s either a kingdom card, treasure card, or curse card. After each buy phase, you have to discard any card that you’ve used, AND the cards in your hand that you didn’t use. This is called your cleanup phase. If you have more than one action allowance, you can play again until your actions run out. 

     Just like Catan, you win by victory points. However, players accrue these points differently. You’re not trying to gather a set amount a points, you’re trying to obtain the most points. Players calculate these points after all three or four draw piles have been consumed, pending on player amount. Other than all draw piles being drawn, if all province cards are taken then the game ends as well. If there is a tie, then the amount of treasure cards will determine the winner. 

If you’re interested. Here is a recommended tutorial video

King of Tokyo

  • Average Time – 30 Minutes
  • Players – 2 to 6
  • Ages – 10+
  • Price – King of Tokyo

     This is another game that has a lot of expansions. This one is already awesome and fun to play, but the expansions make it a TON better! These expansions either add to the game play or just add more monster cards. The cool thing about having all of the different expansions is that they keep improving the game variants and actually make the game more enjoyable unlike other board games where you may only want to choose between expansions. In my opinion, the more players you have, the more fun you can have!

     Players start out choosing their monster, then role dice. Each player can decide which to re-roll another two more times choosing which dice to keep during their turn. Each die has a different outcome. Matching numbers will earn you victory points, Hearts will restore wounds, claws attack other monsters, and the energy die allows you to purchase abilities. 

     You can decide if you want to place your monster into Tokyo City or not. If you do, each turn you get a victory point. Keep in mind, if you are inside Tokyo, you can not be healed! Monsters on the outside can attack the one inside, but the one outside attacks all monsters equally on the outside. 

     There are two ways to win:

  • Earn 20 victory points
  • Take other monster’s wounds to zero

     To earn victory points you can just either sit in Tokyo city earning one point per rounds, or by the roll of the die. Match up three of a kind and get that many points. If you get a four of a kind, then add one addition point. The more players you have, the harder it will be for the monster in Tokyo City to service and earn points. When I played a four person game with my family and friends, it was hard staying in the middle for a long time unless you had buffs from card abilities that you purchased. 

Here’s a video if you want a tutorial for this game


  • Average Time – 30 Minutes
  • Players – 2 to 4
  • Ages – 5+
  • Price – Blokus

     Have you ever played Tetris? Are you good at it? Then try your hand at this one! Every time I play with my family and friends we have a blast with this one! Believe it or not, as simple as this game is, it still requires some strategy or you’ll get stuck quick! I enjoy this one because not only is it fun, but it actually requires me to think and try to stay a few steps ahead of everyone else. 

     The rules of the game are simple. Choose the color that you want to be and then get going! The point of the game is to get rid of all of your colored tiles. You can choose to avoid other players, or block them! Personally, I enjoy blocking them. Not only is it fun to get a reaction and seeing those cogs turn in that cobweb of theirs, but it gives you the biggest advantage! I try to start blocking them as soon as I start. Here’s another hint, use the biggest pieces first! As the board gets smaller, you’re going to want to have the smaller pieces on hand.

     You can one win of two ways:

  • Be the first to rid yourself of all of the pieces
  • Have the least amount of points

     You’re probably wondering why the least amount of points? This isn’t golf! You would be correct, but you obtain one point for each square of every piece that you have left in your hand. That’s it! This is definitely one of the more simpler games on this list. 

If you still would like to watch a video of the tutorial click here


  • Average Time – Anywhere from 15 Minutes to an Hour (Pending on player level)
  • Players – 2
  • Ages – 8+
  • Price – Stratego

     Stratego has been one of my favorite games growing up. At times I would have to really strategize not only on the placement of my pieces, but also trying to find where my opponent put their pieces as well. I use to work in a call center that was based on sales and as long as we were selling, we could pretty much do whatever we wanted. Watch Netflix, bring in our game systems and play video games, or in my case, I would bring my Stratego set. 

     My buddy and I would spend almost every day playing Stratego at our desks. Sometimes, we would use our phone calls to give ourselves time to think of our next move. The object of this game is to capture the enemies flag. Sounds easy does it? WRONG! You have certain pieces with higher ranks that could only take out the same rank or below. Then there are the bombs. If one of your pieces attacks that bomb, insta-death. Unless that was one of the very few pieces that could destroy that bomb.  

     With so many different strategies to use, it would take a long time before it gets boring. Besides, there are more than one game variant. Do you like strategy games? Do you like to use that noggin of yours? Then this would be one of the first games that I would pick up!

Before you consider if this is for you, watch the video here


     I was only going to do the top five games that you’ve read above. Since you made it this far, I’ve decide to throw in another. A friend of mine recommended this one. I never even heard of it! After some research, I felt like this list wouldn’t complete without it. 

Burgle Bros

  • Average Time – 45 to 90 Minutes
  • Players – 1 to 4
  • Ages – 12+
  • Price – Burgle Bros

     This game is very different than the one’s we’ve discussed previously. Instead of going against other players to win the game, you have to work together. I found this very interesting. Keep in mind though, if you’re working together then that means  you can lose together. What’s the objective? How would players lose? Let’s find out.

     We’re going to start with the objective. The goal of the game is to locate the vault and avoid the guard. There are three levels. Just like the shape of the box, imagine you are going up the tower. Players choose their characters, which have abilities. You all work together to find the stairs to progress to each level. If the guard finds any one player three times, then the game is over. 

     Multiple characters to choose from, multiple ways of playing. If you want to look into it some more before purchasing it, here is there website. I found out that you can purchase a tower from the company itself. That way you can have a 3-D view of the game play. This is definitely a game that I will be purchasing myself!

Here is a video on how to play the game

     Here ends our overview of suggested board games. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. Which board game(s) do you have? Which one are you planning on getting next? Better yet, what game’s do you recommend?

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