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Game Night Suggestions: Kids

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     Since I wrote an article for teen to adult board games, I figured I should write one for the kiddos. If you haven’t read the one for teens and adults, you can read that here.  To be honest, even though I have kids I still had to research a few of these myself. Unexpectedly, I found a lot of these games quite cute and very creative. 


  • Average Time – 20 to 60 minutes pending on player amount
  • Players – 2 to 6 players
  • Ages – 8+
  • Price –  Stare Junior (I am affiliate so I will get a kickback at no cost to you) 

     This game has a few editions and different versions for the older kids. This makes it a great board game to start of with for the young ones. If the family really enjoys the junior version, then I would recommend purchasing the other versions as the kids get older. It could be a very unique experience for them. Kind of like the board game is growing up with them. 

     Although there is a first edition, as in the link, I would go for the second. It’s updated and has won a parenting and teacher’s choice award as per Amazon description. I have kids, and that’s a big deal to me. Want to know why it has received awards? That’s because this board game helps kids with their visual memory skills without being too boring.

     Heck, I’d imagine even us adults could use some memory help now and days. Basically you stare at an image for 30 seconds and then the opponent flips the image. At this time they will ask you a series of questions related to that image. If you get it correct, you can advance. Get it wrong? It’s your opponents turn! 

Here’s a quick video on how to play

Shark Bite

  • Average Time – 15 minutes
  • Players – 2 to 4
  • Ages – 4+
  • Price – Shark Bite

     This is a really simple, and family friendly game. The best part? Easy set up and no batteries needed! Just snap in the sea creatures, snap back the jaws of the shark, and toss in your fishing pole! Not much to mention other than that really. It’s fun and a great price as well.

     This game is very similar to the most common household games Let’s Go Fishin and Barrel of Monkey’s. It’s played the same way, but minus the parent having to spend money on batteries and it being magnetized. Not to mention that you hook the sea creatures like hooking the monkey’s arms. 

In case you would like a video click here

Catch the Fox

  • Average Time – 15 to 20 minutes
  • Players – 2 to 4
  • Ages – 4+
  • Price – Catch the Fox

     Here’s another great family game. Keep in mind all of the small parts for the younger kids though. This one has a lot of small pieces. Just like Shark Bite there are no batteries needed for this game! This game can be set up very quickly as well. Remember though, you have to be quick! 

     Just put the chickens in his pants and press down on the top of his head. Roll the dice, and grab the chickens before his pants drops! Once his pants drops, the chickens run away and it’s end of the game! Very cute game, and highly recommended. 

Don’t forget the quick instructional video


  • Average Time – 30 minutes or longer pending on skill level
  • Players – 2 to 4
  • Ages – 6+
  • Price – Squashed

     This one isn’t your average kids game, but it’s still recommended for them! I’ve read, and seen this game take anywhere from 30 minutes of game play to a few hours depending on the skill level, and how many people are playing. This one is a very interesting concept, and helps the young one’s with problem solving and strategy skills. 

     I find this game very intriguing. This is all about taking out the other players. Should you strategize or should you be aggressive? Depending on your play style, and the other players, you may have to switch between the two. So how do you win? Well, there are two ways:

  • Land on or over another player to squash them
  • Land next to the king to flip the cube and squash one whole side

     This is one of those games where I would prefer more players. Games like this are more fun when it’s hectic!

Instructional video here

Catan Junior

  • Average Time – 30 minutes
  • Players – 2 to 4
  • Ages – 6+
  • Price – Catan Junior

     You might have guessed that this would be on the list. I couldn’t post this article without having it in here. Even though this is the junior version of Settlers of Catan, it still has tons of replay value. While this game plays similar, it’s still as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids.  

     If you were thinking about introducing your kids to Settlers of Catan then I recommend you start off with this version if they are on the younger side. This version of Catan is based off of pirates and treasure. Players use their resources to build ships, hideouts, or get help from Coco the Parrot. Keep in mind, you will need to avoid the Ghost Captain. 

     To win the game, you just have to be the first p[layer to control seven of the pirate hideouts. Don’t worry, you start off with two by default, and the more hideouts you build, the more resources you get. Which means faster building! 

I recommend watching this video by Geek and Sundry. 

     Well, I hope you enjoyed this list of recommendations! I had other games on my original list, but they didn’t make the cut. I want to be able to bring you the most fun and value. Not just to the adults, but for the kids too! If games don’t ever make my lists, it’s usually due to bad experiences or reviews that I find. Would you read an article that recommend avoiding certain games? Let me know in the comments!

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