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Let’s talk Assassin’s Creed…

     The year was 2005. My buddies and I were playing Halo 2 like crazy, both live and locally. I remember getting a flag melee kill on the guy with the sward AS he was lunging at me to win the 2v2 flag match. The top of my game. Times were good… yeah I know that was luck. I’m not TheHaloGod (<- check out the video), but that was awesome!

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           Toad and Tricycle, Logan UT

     Ever have a night where you want to get together with friends or family and just want to play board or games? I’m sure you have! But let me guess, the problem is that you can never decide which one’s to play, or at the very least, which new one to buy? Well, you’re in luck! Here are some suggestions of popular board and card games. This list is built based off of the most common  games we have seen people play in the last few years. Enjoy!

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A good buddy of mine recommended I try the new Assassin’s Creed Rebellion app since it recently came out and the Creed is sorta my thing. …So here we go!


Assassin’s Creed Rebellion starts you off playing as Ezio in his Brotherhood garb searching for Rodrigo Borgia in Spain, where he conveniently meets up with Aguilar and Maria from the movie. You join forces and Ezio leaves the party. The tutorial holds your hand for what seemed like quite a while. As you level up your brotherhood, you unlock new rooms you can build, which all do different things (I haven’t gotten to them all) like earning money, gathering “intel” (which is basically the your action scale for how many missions you can run), training your characters to level them up (increasing health and damage), and smith rooms to make armor and weapons. You kill people, break into chests, and fetch resources and DNA. With the DNA you gather, you earn new playable characters which are rated on the “common – rare” scale. This aspect of the game is tugs at the “gotta catch ’em all” mindset which might have been the “hook” in the design of the game.

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     Artificial Intelligence is very intriguing, scary, and exciting. But what about self-taught AI? Do we really need to be afraid of this? I have to admit, I would love for this kind of technology. I can also see these AI’s totally taking over. We should do some research here and see what we think by the end of the post. Are you with me here? Let’s go!

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     Did you know that your home internet has WiFi data limitations? Not many people know this, but after you use a specific amount of data (like cell phones), one of two things will happen, depending on the company that you are with. 

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     Why do we accept unfinished games? Is it because we are too impatient to wait? What about us wanting to have the newest game? I believe it to be a combination of the two. We are impatient because with all of these new technological advances, it takes longer to create games now than it did in the past with simpler games due to graphics, processing speed, and new features. We want the newest game because as humans we want the best and we want to be able to play a video game that may or may not become the next rave.  

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