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Ember Adored

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     Artificial Intelligence is very intriguing, scary, and exciting. But what about self-taught AI? Do we really need to be afraid of this? I have to admit, I would love for this kind of technology. I can also see these AI’s totally taking over. We should do some research here and see what we think by the end of the post. Are you with me here? Let’s go!

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Mark Morgan Trinidad B 

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     Did you know that your home internet has WiFi data limitations? Not many people know this, but after you use a specific amount of data (like cell phones), one of two things will happen, depending on the company that you are with. 

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     Why do we accept unfinished games? Is it because we are too impatient to wait? What about us wanting to have the newest game? I believe it to be a combination of the two. We are impatient because with all of these new technological advances, it takes longer to create games now than it did in the past with simpler games due to graphics, processing speed, and new features. We want the newest game because as humans we want the best and we want to be able to play a video game that may or may not become the next rave.  

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