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The story

     Taking place after 30 years from the previous title Titanfall 2, and after the frontier war, the people now settle their differences within the Apex Games, champions from every corner not only compete for reasons of their own, but for glory, fame, and money for their people. 

     This game has none of the mechs, but it’s still a really fun game. This is a Battle Royale game that you don’t want to skip. Each character has their own game mechanics, which make them all stand out from each other. Try each out and see which one you end up favoring. But before you do, let’s find out a little bit about them.  

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     First official game review. I hope everyone has been waiting for this! I know I sure have. Lately I’ve been streaming several video games to do a review on, and this is the first one that has really popped out for me. Get this though, I don’t normally play Action RPG’s. I must say, what a pleasant surprise. Let’s talk about the likes and the dislikes. Care to join me?

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“Mars” flickr photo by Kevin M. Gill shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

     It has long been known that NASA is attempting to develop the capabilities needed to send humans to our nearest planet, and it’s the fourth one from the sun, Mars. In 2010 the American congress passed a bipartisan act, entitled the NASA Authorization Act, which set out this long- term goal, including plans to reach an asteroid by 2025 and then, eventually, Mars by the mid 2030’s.

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     If you follow the news these days you can’t fail to have come across a new “revolutionary” branch of medicine called stem cell research. Stem cell research belongs to a branch of science called regenerative medicine, which seeks to repair or replace damaged and diseased human cells and tissues. 

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“Secretary Kerry Sits Inside One of Google’s Self-Driving Cars at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit’s Innovation Marketplace at Stanford University” flickr photo by GES 2016 and “Self driving #Uber spotted in the wild” flickr photo by ekai https://flickr.com/photos/ekai/31306163226 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

quick competition

     Waymo could win against Uber in the competition to initiate a self-driving can service. The Alphabet Incorporation has been willing to launch a business of self-driving cars from the recent times; having assigned the Google engineers and its spin-off firm later, along with Waymo’s generating the independent technology of the vehicle.

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“Self driving #Uber spotted in the wild” flickr photo by ekai shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

     Uber’s self-driving cars are returning to public roads for the first time after the fatal crash. Uber has officially started its self-driving vehicles services on public roads. Nearly eight months ago, an Uber vehicle hit a woman as she was crossing a street in Tempe, Arizona street on a bicycle in the dark. Immediately following that incident, Uber halted testing its self-driving cars on public roads, but they haven’t announced any timeline for restarting the program yet.

“Secretary Kerry Sits Inside One of Google’s Self-Driving Cars at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit’s Innovation Marketplace at Stanford University” flickr photo by GES 2016

     In the past few years, the possibilities of self-driving cars have gone from “impossible” to “commercially available”. Technology has become so developed that the things which we think were impossible, now actually exist. In the past few years Google was working to build the concept of self-driving cars, and in December 2018 Google self-driving car came up under the name of Waymo and it commercially started the service in the suburbs of Phoenix. But it’s just a start, Waymo will increase its availability and capability over some time. 

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     Electric autos are an assortment of electric vehicle (EV). The expression “electric vehicle” alludes to any vehicle that utilizes electric engines for drive, while an electric vehicle is a module electric car that is moved by at least one electric engine, utilizing vitality normally put away in battery-powered batteries. 

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     Since I wrote an article for teen to adult board games, I figured I should write one for the kiddos. If you haven’t read the one for teens and adults, you can read that here.  To be honest, even though I have kids I still had to research a few of these myself. Unexpectedly, I found a lot of these games quite cute and very creative. 

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           Toad and Tricycle, Logan UT

     Ever have a night where you want to get together with friends or family and just want to play board or games? I’m sure you have! But let me guess, the problem is that you can never decide which one’s to play, or at the very least, which new one to buy? Well, you’re in luck! Here are some suggestions of popular board and card games. This list is built based off of the most common  games we have seen people play in the last few years. Enjoy!

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