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A Contest Between Voice Assistants

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Alexa Voice Assistant

A comparison between Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa – which one is smarter?

     In this era, one can control almost anything on their smartphones or smarthome devices using voice assistants. Getting information like the weather today, exchange rates, playing your favorite songs, and many more things that can all be done by simply interacting with a voice assistant supported by your phone or any smarthome device.

     The top three voice assistants at the moment are Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri. There are other assistants like Samsung’s Bixby and Microsoft’s Cortana, but the above three are the most popular. So, in this article, we shall focus on the battle between Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Let’s dive in.


Google Assistant Vs Siri Vs Alexa

     To make this comparison fair, we shall look at the various categories of questions that people usually ask voice assistants and then determine which one answers them best. The question categories we shall consider include general knowledge, navigation, multi-device support, phone functionality commands, online shopping, supported languages, and accessibility.


General questions

     When you ask these assistants general questions like Who is the president of the USA, when did Arsenal last win the premier league, or how many minutes is Beyoncé’s Hello song, they will all search the internet to find the best answer for such questions. With this regard, Alexa and Google always do better than Apple’s Siri. However, all of these assistants do pretty good, but Google Assistant was the fastest in providing the correct answers. Winner: Google Assistant



     When it comes to navigation tasks like looking for the closest ATM or the nearest route to your new workplace, Google assistant does well in this regard. The accuracy could be because Google is the same company that owns Google maps (the most accurate maps platform). So, it has a bit more information on places compared to Alexa and Siri. As far as navigation is concerned, Alexa is the least favorable of the three. So, if you want to find a place or route, Google Assistant is the most reliable. Winner: Google Assistant


Phone functionality commands

     All three voice assistants work on smartphones and can be used to execute various commands like opening an app, making calls, replying to text messages, and many more tasks. In this category, Siri has the best track record compared to Google Assistant and Siri. This could be because Siri is well integrated into iOS compared to how the other two are integrated with iOS and Android. Google Assistant does fairly well, and Amazon’s Alexa is the least favorable in this category. Winner: Siri


Online shopping

     It is now possible to shop for your favorite products online using voice assistants right from searching for the products, to checking out. With online shopping tasks, Alexa always has an edge over Google Assistant, and Siri has the worst record with such tasks. Alexa particularly does better with online shopping thanks to the tight integration it has with Amazon. I would recommend not using Siri for these kinds of tasks because it will fail you most of the time. Winner: Alexa


Smarthome compatibility

     Voice assistants can now be used to control smart home devices like smart lights, refrigerators, AC, smart windows, cookers, etc. Most of the smarthome devices are compatible with all three assistants, but Siri seems to be having a slightly smaller number of smarthome devices that support it. Alexa and Google Assistant are pretty much at par when it comes to the number of smarthome devices that support them. So, if your core role of using these assistants is operating your smarthome, then you should choose Alexa or Google Assistant. Winner: Alexa and Google Assistant tie.


Multilanguage support and availability

     These assistants are designed to work in certain countries and listen to certain languages. So, before you blame any of them, you need to confirm whether it supports the language you are using and the country you are located in. In this regard, Siri beats Alexa and Google assistant since it is available in more countries than these two and also supports more languages.

     Apple’s Siri is available in 30 countries and supports over 20 languages. Google Assistant is available in 20 countries and only supports 11 languages. Amazon’s Alexa is available in multiple countries but only supports English (UK and US) and German. Winner: Siri


Voice recognition

     When you talk to your voice assistant, you would want it to listen to you without having to repeat yourself several times. Google Assistant does better than Siri and Alexa when it comes to voice recognition and taking on tasks. Alexa and Siri are also good enough, but Google Assistant seems to be more accurate in recognizing voices.

     Alexa and Google Assistant also stay active for a few seconds, which is good for follow up questions. On the other hand, Siri automatically stops listening as soon as it answers the question you have asked, and activating it again requires you to tap on its icon, which makes it inconvenient especially for those who don’t want to constantly interact with their phone display. Winner: Google Assistant


Multi-device support

     Google Assistant is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play store. On the other hand, Siri is only available on Apple devices. So, if you don’t have an iPhone, you won’t be able to use Siri. That means if you need to have a taste of all the voice assistants, you need to own an iPhone. Winner: Google Assistant and Alexa.


Final thoughts

     All three voice assistants are reliable and can do pretty much most of the tasks you need to get done. However, Google Assistant is the overall best when it comes to doing tasks in several categories. But, while choosing a voice assistant, you need to consider factors like the type of device you are using, the tasks you want it to do, and also your location and language. Based on your priorities, you can then choose one that does best at getting your preferred tasks done.

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